"It may well be that he is the most qualified and experienced candidate for Madison County Sheriff that we have seen in our lifetime." -James Hackett

Endorsed by Congressman, Retired Judges, Granite City Police, Madison County Police Chiefs

Mike Bost

US Congressman
"Hi, I am Congressman Mike Bost. Our Police have faced great oppression over the past few years. Police work has changed drastically, and we need the RIGHT leaders with the RIGHT experience.

That is why I am endorsing Jeff Connor to be the next Sheriff of Madison County.

Connor has over 36 years of experience as a police officer, ranging from working patrol, detectives, to middle and upper management within his departments. Connor retired from Granite City as the Assistant chief to become the Chief Deputy of Madison County, where he serves today.

Connor is the commander of the Major Case Squad of Greater Saint Louis, working to help solve some of the most heinous murders on both the Illinois and Missouri sides of the area.

This is a crucial election. We need you to get out and vote on June 28.

Vote Republican.

Vote Jeff Connor for Sheriff."

James Hackett

Former Madison County Judge
"I was not asked to write this letter, I offered.
I fully endorse and will support Major Jeff Connor for Sheriff, both in the Republican primary and in the general election. Enclosed with this letter is a brief look at Jeff and his accomplishments. It may well be that he is the most qualified and experienced candidate for Madison County Sheriff that we have seen in our lifetime. 

The recognition he has gained, his training, his
experience, and his responsibilities in police work make him superbly qualified. I served as a judge in Madison County for nearly twenty years, with my last thirteen in criminal felony division. I have seen Major Connor's work and how he is respected throughout the county by law enforcement agencies, officers, attorneys, court personnel, and those individuals and communities he has served.

In addition to his expected solid Republican support, his character and reputation will bring to the Republican ballot a great many additional voters. Police officers from around the county and former Democrat voters from the crucial western part of the county will be of particular value. For the forty years that I have been around Madison County Republican efforts, a hope was to one day break into the usually Democratic party strongholds from Granite City to Alton. With his established reputation and base in those areas, Connor has the ability to do that. We would be foolish to waste this opportunity and lose a great candidate, with a great resume, a countywide reputation and solid relationships. This will be especially true and vital in what now appears to be critical races for state representatives and judges centered in the areas where
Connor is strong. He will bring additions to the Republican turnout essential to election successes.

Major Jeff Connor is the clear choice with his established reputation and appeal.

Good for the job, good for the county and good for all Republicans' success."

Captain Dan DeCarli (Retired)

Retired captain from the City of Ferguson, Missouri Police Department and have served in law enforcement for 45 years. I also served as the Chief Deputy Commander and the Commander of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis for 15 years.
"To the citizens of Madison County, Illinois: I am writing this letter to extend my support of and my endorsement for Major Jeff Connor for Sheriff of Madison County, Illinois. I have known Jeff for over two decades, both personally and professionally, and there isn't anyone more qualified, dedicated, and loyal to their profession. I am a retired captain from the City of Ferguson, Missouri Police Department and have served in law enforcement for 45
years. I also served as the Chief Deputy Commander and the Commander of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis for 15 years and it was during that time that I had the privilege to know Jeff and witness first-hand what a true exemplary law enforcement officer he is.

Jeff is sincere, approachable, and held in high regard. He knows the value of communication, not only to the officers he works with, but to the community at large. Jeff is a goal oriented person who will strive to bring out the best qualities to all he comes in contact with. All of these positive attributes serve him well. In the years I worked alongside Jeff, he was a valuable asset to the Major Case Squad by overseeing the activations for the Illinois counties. A true testament of his character was taking the time to personally visit every activation site to make sure that the investigation was always moving forward. He is a true example of a dedicated law enforcement officer.

It goes without saying that Jeff is very passionate about being a leader within law enforcement. He will be an asset to the citizens of Madison County, Illinois. I recommend him highly and without reservation."

Chief Richard F. Knox

Retired Executive Director Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis
May 10, 2022

Dear Citizens of Madison County Illinois:

Please accept this letter as my recommendation of Major Jeff Connor for the position of Sheriff of Madison County, IL .

I have known Major Connor, both personally and professionally for over twenty-five years. In that time I have found him to be a true law enforcement professional. Major Connor is an individual of the highest character and integrity. He has proven to be a natural leader with both common sense and the intelligence necessary to lead a professional and progressive law enforcement agency.

As you review Major Jeff Connors qualifications, you will find him to be loyal, dedicated, and determined to succeed. He thrives on challenges and enjoys working hard and is always willing to go the extra mile to accomplish his goals. Graduating from the FBI National Academy, Lindenwood University Graduate Program, and as being the Commander of the St. Louis Area Major Case Squad are only three examples which he has shown himself to be an asset and a team player in the Saint Louis & Illinois Law Enforcement Community.

In assessing Major Connor’s overall abilities, it is clear he possesses the qualities and attributes to lead the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.


Richard F. Knox
Executive Director
Saint Louis Area Major Case Squad
Chief of Police, (Retired)

Bob Lowery

Assistant Chief (ret.) Florissant, Missouri Police Department
Commander (ret.) Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad
Vice-president (ret.) National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
May 8, 2022


Please accept this letter on behalf of my good friend and colleague, Major Jeff Connor, a candidate for sheriff of Madison County, Illinois. I have personally known and worked with Jeff for over twenty years having first met working as detectives on the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad. I know of no one better qualified to hold this position.

During his career Jeff has distinguished himself as an outstanding law enforcement officer, a highly respected detective and one of the St. Louis region’s top law enforcement leaders. Since 1986, Jeff has proudly served at every level and rank in the Granite City Police Department – from patrol officer, detective, supervisor, and executive/deputy chief of police. In 2014, because of his reputation and abilities Jeff was selected by Sheriff John Lakin to serve as the chief deputy sheriff of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office where he presently oversees law enforcement operations for the protection of all county residents.

In addition to his remarkable career, Jeff also was selected in 2020 to serve as the commander of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad, only the eighth police executive ever to hold this prestigious position in the squads 57-year history. Jeff is responsible for overseeing all operational components of the oldest and largest multi-jurisdictional violent crime task forces in the nation is comprising of nearly 600 detectives from over 100 agencies. Jeff has personally successfully commanded some of the highest-profile homicide investigations in Madison County and the two state St. Louis region. He frequently addresses law enforcement audiences across the nation on the topics of protecting communities, combating violent crime, and criminal investigations.

Jeff and his family are life-long residents of Madison County and knows firsthand the concerns of his many neighbors and friends. If selected by the voters Jeff will no doubt continue to serve with the highest honor, integrity, and compassion following in the highest traditions of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

Chiefs of Police from Madison County

May 9, 2022
Letter of Endorsement
We the following Chiefs of Police from Madison County do herby offer our endorsement for Major Jeff Connor to be the next Sheriff of Madison County. Major Connor has been a lifelong resident of Madison County and has been a Law Enforcement Officer in Madison County since he was first hired as a Granite City Police Officer in 1986. Major Connor worked his way up the ranks in Granite City and retired from there in 2014 after spending the last 9 years as the Assistant Chief of Police. Major Connor has also been a leader in the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, currently serving as the Commander of this elite Homicide Task Force. Since 2014 Major Connor has served as the Chief Deputy Sheriff of the Madison County Sheriff's Office and has continued to serve as a liaison between all the local Police Departments and the Sheriff’s Office. His leadership skills have made him a highly respected leader in Law Enforcement throughout the entire St. Louis Region. Major Connor also currently serves as the Commander of the Cross River Crime Task Force, once again a position that highlights his ability to work with and coordinate the efforts of Law Enforcement across our region.
With proud enthusiasm, we support Major Jeff Connor to be the next Sheriff of Madison County. When elected, Major Connor will be able to bring his experience and dedication to our County and continue to serve our citizens in a manner of honor, respect and integrity. He no doubt is the only candidate with the skills needed to lead our largest Police Agency.

Sheriff of Monroe County

"I have known Major Jeff Connor for over 15 years. The professionalism and dedication to the job that Jeff has is exactly what I look for when I am hiring for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. His commitment to providing the highest level of public safety for the residents of Madison County is one of his highest qualities. On numerous occasions when I was a patrolman with the City of Fairview Heights assigned to the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, I watched Jeff on crime scenes and he always had a command presence. I knew from the first time I saw Jeff command a scene that if I was ever in a command position, I wanted the qualities of Jeff. I know Jeff will always have the best interests of the residents of Madison County. I would like to ask you for your support for Jeff Connor for Madison County Sheriff on June 28th."

Charles E. Moore

Retired Colonel in the US Army

I would ask that you vote for Jeff Connor in both the upcoming June Primary and the General Election in November for Sheriff of Madison County Illinois.
Jeff is a solid Republican and the best qualified candidate possessing leadership, management and operational skills and a Master’s Degree to complete the needed requirements to effectively and efficiently run the Sheriff’s Office in today’s complex world.

Currently serving in the leadership role of “Chief Deputy” Major Connor demonstrates these abilities today in the operations of the Department. He is not only “talking the talk” but is “walking the walk” demonstrating his abilities to run the Department every day. He is currently doing the job that no other candidate has any experience or knowledge to do starting on day one. 

  Jeff Connor retired from the Granite City Police Department as the Assist Chief. In addition to this leadership experience Major Connor is the current Director of the prestigious “Major Case Squad” of both the Illinois and Missouri Divisions.

  As a retired Colonel in the US Army, serving both Active and Reserve tours, I recognize leadership when I see it and Major Jeff Connor is a leader!

  Also having a civilian Police career involved with supervision, management, and operations I recognize these skills and abilities in Jeff Connor.

  So with confidence I again ask that you vote for Major Jeff Connor for Sheriff of Madison County Illinois knowing that he is by far the best qualified candidate for this Office.

Charles E. Moore

Chief Dave Ruebhausen (Retired)

"It is an honor to have someone with a law enforcement career that Chief Dave Ruebhausen has to endorse me as the next sheriff." says Jeff Connor.

To the citizens of Madison County, I (Dave Ruebhausen) am offering my full endorsement to the only real Police Officer candidate for Sheriff of Madison County, Jeff Connor. Jeff started his career as a law enforcement officer in 1986, and as a Sergeant, I had the privilege of being one of his first field training officers. I saw Jeff develop his police skills into one of the finest investigators at the Granite City Police Department and in the entire region. Because of this, after I became Chief of Police, I kept Jeff in the Major Case Squad of Greater St Louis and was instrumental in Jeff being promoted to the different supervisory positions within the Squad. I later saw him appointed to the highest position, Commander of the Major Case Squad. I saw Jeff's leadership abilities, and while Chief, I promoted him to Lieutenant and later to Captain, making him the Commander over the Investigations Unit.

When I retired in 2005, I recommended, and Jeff was appointed the Assistant Chief of Police, where he remained for the next nine years. It is without any hesitation that I can say he is the most qualified candidate and the only true Police Officer running for sheriff.

During the last 36 years of knowing Jeff Connor, I also observed his values in police work, family, and the community. Jeff has been known to be a conservative individual by all who encounter him. He's logical, open-minded, and inclusive of other ideas when tasked with making decisions. These are other traits needed to be a successful leader, and Jeff excels at these.

On the other hand, I must be transparent to say I also know his opponent. We went to school together, and we both graduated from Granite City in 1974. The difference between the two candidates, Jeff Larner, left his hometown to move to Decatur, and I have yet to see him in Madison County since. He left a career in law enforcement in the 1980s, and by his own admission, it was because police work did not pay him enough money. Larner showed no drive or desire to further himself in law enforcement management and has no experience in being a supervisor in law enforcement. Because of these lack of qualities and lack of experience, I was surprised to see Larner's name on the ballot.

I encourage all Madison County voters to get out and vote on June 28th, Republican Jeff Connor for Sheriff.

Chief Dave Ruebhausen (Retired)

After much heartfelt consideration with my wife (Elizabeth), family, and friends, I want to announce my candidacy as a Republican for Sheriff of Madison County. I will serve Madison County with experience, dedication, and transparency. I am committed to a foundation of integrity, with an unwavering focus on public safety.

I began my law enforcement career 35 years ago after becoming a police officer with the Granite City Police Department. With 35 years of experience in law enforcement and as a lifelong resident of Madison County, I believe I am the best qualified and a highly skilled candidate for this elected office.
In addition to being the current Chief Deputy of Madison County, I am the Commander of the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis. I hold a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Lindenwood University.
In 2011, I was selected to attend the FBI National Academy, Session No. 244, at the FBI campus in Quantico, Va. One of the many valuable lessons that I learned from my FBI National Academy experience was the importance of interagency cooperation and collaboration.

It would be an honor and a privilege to lead the Madison County Sheriff’s Office into the future as your Sheriff.

A Distinguished Career in Law Enforcement


  • Married (37 years) with three children and five grandchildren
  • Lifelong resident of Madison County
  • Graduated Granite City High School in 1980
  • Member and deacon of Calvary Life Church, Granite City
  • Former board member of the Coordinated Youth and Human Services


Granite City Police Department

  • 1986-1989 Patrolman
  • 1989-1996 Investigations
  • 1996-1999 Patrol Sergeant
  • 1999-2002 Patrol Lieutenant
  • 2002-2003 Investigations Lieutenant
  • 2003-2005 Investigations Captain
  • 2005-2014 Assistant Chief of Police

Madison County Sheriff’s Office

  • 2014-Present Chief Deputy Sheriff

Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis

  • 1990-2005 Investigator
  • 2005-2007 Report Officer Supervisor
  • 2007-2013 Deputy Commander
  • 2013-2020 Illinois Chief Deputy Commander
  • 2020-Present Commander
  • Commanded 25 Major Case Squad investigations


  • Belleville Police Academy Session No. 37 in 1986
  • Associate Degree in Administration of Justice from Belleville Area College (SWIC)
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Sterling College
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice Management from Lindenwood University
  • Graduate of the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Va., 2011 Session 244
  • Member of the Southern Illinois Police Association (SIPCA) 2003-Present
  • Member of the Illinois Police Association (IPA)
  • Member of the Madison County Police Association
  • Member and previous speaker at the International Homicide Investigators Association (IHIA)
  • Previous speaker at the Crimes Against Women Conference in Dallas, Texas
  • Previous speaker at the Medicolegal Death Investigators Training at SLU (Dr. Mary Case)
  • Instructor at the Belleville Police Academy for nine years

Key Issues

  • Protect the constitutional rights of our citizens
  • Pro-Second Amendment rights
  • Enhance community relations with business and neighborhood watch programs
  • Work diligently to reduce any unnecessary spending
  • Continue the Youth Academy to better serve and prepare youth
  • Establish a Sheriff’s Academy for adult Madison County residents
  • Continue to work with local leaders and the Leadership Council of Madison County for “making Madison County a better place for citizens”
  • Continue to work with local leaders to increase recruitment of minorities in law enforcement.

A Leader in Law Enforcement